Cold Storage Area

Chilled Storage Area

Total Area


Main Bank
: 5,000 tonnes
: -18 °c, +5 °c, +15 °c,  +20 °c
: 2,600 sq.m.

: 1,250 sq.m.

: 6,500 sq.m.
: Bangna-Trad   Highway KM. 12
: 60 Million Baht
: Boonma Cargo
: Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
: Igarashi Reizo
: Gorei Service

: Bangkok Bank
: Tokyo Mitsubishi   Bank
: SMBC Bank


Cold Storage Area
Total Area
: 12,000 tonnes
: +10 °c, +5 °c, -18°c, -23 °c, -40 °c
: 8,500 sq.m.

: 14,400 sq.m.
: Bangna-Trad  Highway KM. 36.5  Wellgrow Industrial  Estate


: 16,000 tonnes
- 40 °c, -23 °c, -18 °c, +5 °c, +20 °c and Dry Storage

Cold Storage Area
: 12,000 sq.m.
Chill Storage Area
: 1,300 sq.m.
Dry Storage Area
: 1,400 sq.m.
Rental Office
: 4 Rooms X 43 sq.m.
Total Area
72,000 sq.m.
: Bangna-Trad  Highway KM. 23
  Thai Max Cold Storage & Distribution Center

   THAI MAX cold storage will prosper and grow as the service preferred provider of warehousing and refrigerated storage solutions. We will apply “Yes We Can” to everything we do. 
   Thai Max Cold Storage & Distribution Center is a pioneer in computerized cold storage, a service becoming increasingly popular and in high demand by many producers in Thailand. Providing a reefers with a DRS (Data Recorder System) transportation and collection service to and from factory, part or airport. To ensure constant temperature, DRS will guarantee all time controlling during transportation.
     We decide to be a part of environmental survival by using a system of ammonia cooling machine for cold storage, which is not harmful Global and save the world natural environment.
     At Thai Max, products will keep in constant temperature, +22° C to -40° C in clean, widely and hygienic international standard cold storage. The temperature is controlled all the time to keep fresh untill you ship.
      A computer-controlled system in used for almost the entire operation including documentation categorization by size and controlling the storage system in the cold storage. Computerized checking is performed daily from the entry date untill the delivery date.
       The fantastic computer system offers you the modern fast, accurate service on documents such as.
   - Real time Inventory Management
   - Online Customer Information
   - Customer Customizable Reports

  1.Good Service, Good Quality in storage and caring for your    products at the right temperature, fast and clean.
2.Keep the standard of average temperature according to the    contract agreement.
3.Constantly improving and developing the system of quality    management.
Quality has always been an integral part of our    operations.
    At THAI MAX COLD STORAGE CO., LTD. we continue to strengthen our quality management systems in order to provide impeccable services to satisfy our customers at all times.
    With total commitment to quality throughout the organization, our staffs are well trained in the ways and means of maintaining consistent quality results.     Thai Max considers its people to be the most valuable asset recognizing the importance of continued reserch and development. To improve and maintain on their competency levels the company provides extensive training programs to improve on the efficiency and effectiveness of their skills application. The company also takes cares of its staff by providing excellent employees welfare benefits and living standards.
  Our vision : First in service
  Our Mission : Quality service with honest and integrity
    THAI MAX cold storage is committed to sharing in our customer visions by providing exceptional service and guaranteed satisfaction. For over 80 years we have been working together with customer to provide cold storage service to fit specific product needs from standard warehouse to the most extensive customized transportation service-we are ready to go to work for you. Let us handle your cold storage need and we will prove to you that THAI MAX COLD STORAGE makes the difference.


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